Advanced Practice Nursing Syllabus for Student Electives at Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health


Learning Objectives:


Experience the role of medical professionals in the mental health care delivery system for children and youth and interface with other service delivery systems (schools, primary care medical homes, social services, juvenile justice) supporting children and families.


Demonstrate familiarity with the clinical presentation, assessment and treatment of the most commonly seen mental health conditions in children and teens.


Enhance the student’s ability to interact and communicate effectively with children and teens impacted by mental illness in medical settings.


Suggested Reading (provided):


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Video Resources:


Video: Dr. Russell Barkley @ UC Davis Grand Rounds…ADHD and Executive Functioning


AACAP Practice Parameters:






Anxiety Disorders


Autism Spectrum Disorders


Bipolar Disorder




Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Psychiatric Assessment


Psychotropic Medication


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder